Off-Roading 101: An Introduction

Nervous about hitting the trails for the first time? Getting stuck a lot? Repairs getting out of hand? Can’t afford $10,000 in mods to go off-roading? What if I said you don’t need any mods at all?

We can help keep your repair costs down, while improving your skill, and confidence on the trails.

Our Off-Roading 101 course will cover just some of the following:

Want to learn more about your 4-Wheel Drive vehicle? Want to improve your off-road driving skills? Interested in keeping you and your loved ones safe while off-roading? Get A Grip Driving School will safely teach you more in one day than most people take years to learn on their own.

Course Goal – The goal of this course is to help you enjoy your off-roading adventures in a safe, and environmentally responsible way.

Prerequisite: None (Except a desire to learn and have FUN!)

Length of Course: One day – 8am to 4:00 pm

Location: Gooderham, Ontario

Price: $495 (+HST)

Course Curriculum:
We start the day off in the classroom covering the basics of driving off-roading, the basics of your 4×4 vehicle, and how to tackle common obstacles. Once we reach the trail, we will cover airing down (and later re-inflating) your tires, driving on rocky terrain, dealing with water and mud traps, spotting, and how to tackle other various terrain that we will encounter throughout the day.

Target Audience: All off-road drivers that want to learn the basics of off-roading in relative safety, and comfort, while being environmentally responsible. This course is for the owners of any new or used 4-Wheel Drive vehicle (Jeeps, FJs, Explorers, Hummers, Land Rovers, Xterras, Land Cruisers, Pathfinders, 4×4 Sprinters & trucks, etc.). Even experienced owners of highly modified off-road vehicles are welcome at this course. The curriculum is primarily designed for novice off-road drivers or overlanders who own stock or slightly modified 4x4s, or other 4WD, or AWD vehicles. During this course, you’ll begin to learn how to off-road, and launch your adventures in relative safety and comfort.

Bring gloves! A good pair of work gloves are essential any time you go off-roading.

Vehicle Requirements: 
– Your vehicle MUST be fully insured, and properly plated for road use.
– Any reliable 4-Wheel Drive SUV, SUT, van or truck with:

  • 4WD transfer case (must be able to shift into a 4-Low gearing)
  • Full-size spare tire
  • Full tank of gas
  • Functional seatbelts
  • Vehicle in good working condition, no fluid leaks, etc

Graduates of the course may be invited to join our group off-roading days!

Send inquiries to:
[email protected]