Recovery Course: Level 2

Get certified on various winching techniques and equipment. 
Sometimes things go very wrong, and a simple tug, or traction boards won’t cut it. When a vehicle is submerged, stuck in deep mud, or has rolled over, it’s time to dig deep into your bag of tricks. This is when experience, technique, and creativity win the day.

Length of Course: One day

Target Audience. All off-roaders , overlanders, tow truck operators, and recovery professionals. It is recommended that clients complete the Recovery Level 1 course prior to taking this course, or have extensive previous experience with recoveries.

Price: $595 (+HST)

Vehicle Requirements. Any reliable 4WD SUV, SUT, Tow Trucks (flatbed or 1-tonne, or pickup trucks with a 4WD transfer case. Street legal vehicle in excellent working condition, no fluid leaks. Frame-mounted recovery points front and rear.

Your vehicle MUST be fully insured, and properly plated for road use.

Required Equipment & Accessories This is a list of equipment that will help you take full advantage of the training in this course.

  • Gloves!
  • Vehicle-mounted winch
  • Various winch accessories (must have a line damper if using a steel cable)
  • Winch Line Extension
  • Tree Saver Strap (at least one)
  • 3 Soft Shackles
  • 2 Rated Metal Bow Shackles
  • 2 Snatch Blocks
  • 2 Recovery Rings
  • Tow Straps (at least one)
  • Shovel

Recovery Courses Curriculum

  • Assessing the situation
  • Establishing a Recovery Plan
  • Vehicle Anchor/Strap Points
  • Choosing an Anchor – Vehicle, Ground Anchor, Tree, Boulder
  • Danger of Overloaded Anchor Points
  • Vehicle Anchor Points – What to grab and how
  • Slings & Bridles
  • Winching Techniques
    -Mechanical Advantage
    -Complex Rigging
  • Winch Accessories

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