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I completed the recovery level 1 course and as a nervous new Jeeper it was unexpectedly the most enjoyable experience! The instructors are knowledgeable, approachable, encouraging and created a safe and comfortable environment to be able to ask about anything. There was so much great information given in the class and the practical sessions about safety techniques and appropriate equipment you should have and how to use it….that coupled with some real life examples/ experiences they shared was an eye-opener. This course was very valuable for me and I look forward to participating in more courses.

This past weekend I completed their Recovery 101 Course, and I must say, I learned lots! Shaun and his staff are great, super knowledgeable and keen to share.
The morning was theoretical, understanding why/how some things worked followed by real life examples helped solidify those lessons even further. They also showed us examples of various pieces of recovery equipment, items they use regularly and items that should not be used at all.
The afternoon was outside where we got to practice some of the theory from inside. The name of the game was safety, communication, practice, practice and practice until we (I) felt comfortable with the techniques learned, and they watched everything we did! We pulled, slipped and we winched! We used our own equipment which I felt was important, and if we didn’t have we used theirs. In my case my Kinetic Rope was way too thick for my Jeep, who would have thought? But now I know and why. So a new one is on order with a few suggestions from them.
They were knowledgeable, and just as important approachable and eager to answer questions, now I just gotta figure out my calendar and see what course I can attend with them next!


My son & I participated in the Off-road Recovery 101 course on Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed our experience. A ton of valuable information was given, equipment recommendations, real world applicable scenarios and hands-on experience. A key benefit to me was to able to ask any small question without feeling intimidated as a newbie. Shaun, Steve & Drew were all very approachable, non-judgmental and eager to help. I really appreciated that my son had the opportunity to develop these very real life skills as a soon-to-be driver who loves adventuring and off-roading! All participants were great and lots of laughs were had. I look forward to the Off-roading 101 course in May. Thanks to all for a great experience.

“When it comes to learning about Offroad, Recovery Skills, Safety and Training, look no further.
Shaun and his team are organized and thorough. From classroom work to the practical, keeping the flow to added humour, and seriousness all around, it is definitely the right place to be. I was thoroughly impressed by the coordination between Shaun and his other instructors Steve and Drew and as well the dedication from the other students participating whom I observed throughout the program to be absolutely tremendous. Especially with respect to Recovery Level 1, on 17Mar24 where I noticed how impressive the delivery of information was, for those wanting to know more about this area.
There’s no denying the commitment, skill and enthusiasm. His creativity, presentation and passion for what he does – is beyond apparent. They are kind, caring and above all, non-judgemental. The passion is obvious!
Shaun, I can’t thank you enough for having these very much needed programs available. Keep up the great work.”