GlueTread: Sidewall Repair Kit

It’s a general rule that a puncture to your tire tread can be repaired by either a plug, or better yet a patch, but if the sidewall is punctured, you’re out of luck.

Well…that used to be true, until GoTread came along and rewrote the book on that.

One of the most common types of damage on the trails is tire damage, and it’s usually a sliced sidewall. It’s usually from a sharp rock, or some stick that lances the tire, and it can often ruin your whole day, especially for those who don’t bring a spare tire.

Ok yes, you should always have a spare tire but many people don’t. There are also times, when changing a tire is just too dangerous due to uneven terrain or other factors.

GlueTread has the answer with their sidewall tire repair kit. In 15 minutes or less, you’re on your way with a patch to the damaged sidewall. Now it’s important to note that they say clearly on the packaging that once patched, the tire shouldn’t be used on the highway (not on public roads). I’m sure that’s for liability reasons, but it’s best to heed that warning. This is just to get you back to the trail head, where you can safely change the tire, or get a tow truck to wherever you need to go.

As a matter of disclosure, GlueTread didn’t ask us to do this post. We’ve seen their product used before and we reached out to them. They were happy to provide us with a couple of demo kits without conditions though. Hopefully we never need to use them in the field (just for demonstration purposes), but it’s comforting knowing that should one of our instructors, or students, ever slice a sidewall while on a trail, we can repair the problem to get back to enjoying our day.

If you want your own kit, please contact our official recovery partner Afraid Knot Ropes.

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