Partners and Affiliates

Affiliate Companies:

Afraid Knot RopesOfficial Partner and provider of our recovery gear
Kinetic Ropes, Soft Shackles, Synthetic Winch lines, and extensions. All made in Canada.

MORRFLate – Multi-Tire inflation and deflation kits. Compressors, 4-Tire hose kits, air gauges, and more. Available in Canada from Krave Automotive.

GlueTread – Sidewall Repair Kits
A 15-minute tire repair, without taking the tire off the vehicle.

trike Force 67
Provider of GoTreads traction boards, and other overland equipment.

The Dominion Hotel & Pub
This is one of the oldest businesses in the county, and one of the oldest continually operating hotels in the whole country. It’s older than Canada!

Minden Off-Road Park
For years, Off-Road Trails and ATV trails have often been spread far and wide apart from each other due to the width of the trails, terrain, or sharp turns that the respective other cannot make. Trails also close, ours don’t.

Storm Trooper Cruisers
Volunteer Ride Service for nurses and doctors in Ontario

Off-Roading & Recovery Clubs:

Trillium Off-Road Recovery
Central Ontario
Off-Road Jeep Club
Durham 4×4 Club

Recommended Products:

Goodyear Tires
The Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Tire is often called the Swiss Army knife of tires, and it’s the preferred tire choice of the school President.

Possibly the best water filters for outdoor enthusiasts. Perfect for your emergency kit, or EDC/Go-Bags.

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