Knowledgeable and Approachable

This past weekend I completed their Recovery 101 Course, and I must say, I learned lots! Shaun and his staff are great, super knowledgeable and keen to share.
The morning was theoretical, understanding why/how some things worked followed by real life examples helped solidify those lessons even further. They also showed us examples of various pieces of recovery equipment, items they use regularly and items that should not be used at all.
The afternoon was outside where we got to practice some of the theory from inside. The name of the game was safety, communication, practice, practice and practice until we (I) felt comfortable with the techniques learned, and they watched everything we did! We pulled, slipped and we winched! We used our own equipment which I felt was important, and if we didn’t have we used theirs. In my case my Kinetic Rope was way too thick for my Jeep, who would have thought? But now I know and why. So a new one is on order with a few suggestions from them.
They were knowledgeable, and just as important approachable and eager to answer questions, now I just gotta figure out my calendar and see what course I can attend with them next!

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