Where to Store Your Gear

The question of “What should I carry?” comes up often in the off-roading community, and the answers vary somewhat from person to person, and rig to rig. It’s generally acknowledged that we should all carry some basics like listed here, but in this post we’re going to give some thought about where to store a couple of the most important items.

Again the answer varies wildly, and that can be a problem. We all say that everyone should have a decent first-aid kit, and a fire extinguisher in their vehicle but not everyone does, and not everybody keeps them in the same place. So what if someone needs to find those in my rig? Where do they look? What if the situation calls for more of specific item than is normally found in a single kit? Where do we find it in someone else’s vehicle? Not knowing that answer can lead to a lot of precious time being wasted.

So to save time, we recommend that each 4×4 rig have a first-aid kit, and a fire extinguisher located in the passenger compartment behind the driver. This is a spot that everyone has easy access to, without having to go rummaging through boxes in the bed of of someone’s pick-up truck, or strapped to a roll-bar in the back of someone’s Jeep. Most people will have to store their recovery gear in other places due to the space that it requires, but a good medical kit, and extinguisher don’t take up much space. Especially if you have an Element Extinguisher vs those large, clunky fire bottles.

Those two essential items (medical kit, and extinguisher) should be easily located by anyone on the trail with you, and should be easily reachable. If we all have them in the same spot, critical time could be saved. So put it in the passenger compartment, behind the driver. Even if it’s a full trauma kit, or Go Bag.

A more detailed list of stuff you may want to consider having with you can be found here. Just keep those first-aid kits, and extinguishers behind the driver, where everyone knows to look for them.

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