What Recovery Gear Should You buy?

We often get asked “What should I buy?” and it’s a valid question. It’s also one that we waste hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on. In the beginning we get lots of advise but we still end up buying the wrong stuff. We buy what we think we need but sometimes it’s the wrong size, or the wrong length, or doesn’t fit. It’s a common problem that most of us face.

Fortunately we’ve learned from our mistakes, and so can you by not making the same ones. We are proud to be able to supply you with kits that suit the needs of not only those who are just starting out, but you will still use it years later.

At our courses we will have a limited supply of Kinetic Recovery Kits, Tire Deflation Kits, and Traction Boards for you to buy on site.

Click here to take check pricing. These items are only available in person at our courses.

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